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Automatic machine for ball joint components greasing and subassembly

  • Máquina a medida montaje rótulas
  • Transfer montaje rotulas
  • Montaje rótulas detalle
  • Rótulas
  • Rótulas


  • Assembly, rolling over and greasing of ball joint sub-assemblies
  • Machine built-in capablity for 3 different models


  • Rotary transfer with 8 workstations
  • Palletized system to feed and position parts
  • Design and manufacturing of special fixtures
  • Control by PLC
  • Automatic feeding and assembly of housings, studs and shells
  • Pressing and greasing of subassemblies
  • Automatic feeding and marking of covers
  • Automated rolling over utilizing double rolling head.
  • Built-in process control of rolling over
  • Automatic reject management including selection OK and NOK subassemblies
  • Unloading by a manipulator


  • Integration of assembly, greasing and quality control processes of ball joint sub-assembly into a single machine
  • Complete automation of all processes except for manual loading of the pallets
  • Optimization of the assembly process that results in significant improvements in productivity