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AGME electronic engineers have extensive experience and expertise in conceiving and integrating control systems, assembly automation and connectivity solutions. They develop the solution that best meets the technical requirements of each application and this results in high efficient, flexible and interconnected manufacturing processes that increase the industries productivity and the final quality of the processed components.

Every project will have a engineer responsible for the development of these solutions. This individual will be in constant communication with the project manager and will integrate the most advanced and adequate technologies to every project and component:

  • Process Automation with PLC
  • PLC programming (Siemens, Omron and other automation)
  • Specific software development for PC applications (operator interface…)
  • Robot integration and programming (ABB, Fanuc, Kuku, Staübli)
  • Artificial vision integration
  • Programming of special control devices: load cells, fugómetro …
  • Developing of production data storage systems
  • Control software and data analysis development
  • Traceability systems: barcodes reading and marking, data matrix …
  • Advanced systems for the machines interconnectivity by intelligent networks: Ethernet, intranet, RFID