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Hydraulic presses

AGME Automated Assembly Solutions is also a manufacturer of a versatile range of standard hydraulic presses (PH-15 Pro, PH-30 Pro and PH-60 Pro) which can meet most production needs in processes such as: assembly, hefting, riveting, punching, folding and cutting.

  • agme hydraulic presses ph
  • AGME hydraulic press
  • Prensas hidraúlicas Agme
  • Piezas procesadas de prensas hidraúlicas

These presses can deliver loads from 150 to 600 KN depending on the model. AGME hydraulic presses incorporate important new features:

  • Low-maintenance hydraulic cylinder.
  • Electronic movement sensor
  • Viewing window for cylinder course adjustment
  • Cycle counter and operator alarms
  • S7-200 programmable automaton, etc.

Furthermore, the Pro version hydraulic presses offer pressure and course advanced control functions that require no manual adjustments.

Optionally, you can add the following accessories:

  • Pedal or joystick control
  • Cycle start by single or double over stepping of the photo electric barrier
  • Digital gauge
  • Electrical control of oil level
  • Process control
  • Automation with slides, load cells, dividing plates, etc.