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  • Validación de máquinas especiales Agme
  • Acceptance
  • Checklist de validación Agme

Our customers, together with the AGME project manager, check that the special purpose machine we have developed, complies with their technical specifications. The different components and models will be processed in our premises as many times as necessary to verify the correct machine performance as per their production requirements and their automaton needs. In this initial acceptance and validation phase all assemblies and subassemblies will be checked to verify they achieve the required quality standards.

Once all these tests and checking are finished, the client will sign an initial machine acceptance document at AGME Automated Assembly Solutions premises. He will indicate the pending modifications if there were any. Then, the special machine will be disassembled so it can be delivered to the clients premises or to any other destination indicated by them. 

If necessary due to project size, the machine can be disassembled by blocks in order to facilitate its handling, packing and transport. A loading and unloading instructions document will be also provided.