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Orbital servo riveting machine

AGME orbital servo riveting machine SRA-23 UC is a versatile servo riveting head with maximum capacity because of its wide application range: from 6 to 23 mm riveted head diameters. It is also the ideal solution to process harder rivets or large diameter ones.

  • Servo remachadora AGME sra23
  • Servo remachadora AGME sra23 interior

AGME has developed with our own technology the orbital AGME SRA-23 riveting machine. This riveting unit is conceived to be integrated into the special machines that require more flexibility and capacity. When it is necessary to process rivets with very different diameters in the same machine, the orbital SRA-23 riveting head is the best option.  It is also the most adequate solution when the rivets are harder or with larger diameters.

SRA-23 heads are prepared to be installed in a vertical or horizontal position in larger machines. They are manufactured in two versions with different performance:

  • AGME SRA-23 UCC servo riveting unit
    Orbital riveting head with electric automatisms. It is an intelligent head with control systems. .
  • AGME SRA-23 UC servo riveting unit
    Basic riveting head without electric automatisms. The client will do and integrate the control systems.  

AGME orbital servo riveting heads quality and reliability are totally guaranteed because they are fully conceived and manufactured in our premises with AGME technology. This enable us to control all the production phases.