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AGME mini hydraulic presses

AGME desktop PHM mini hydraulic presses are the best solutions for applying forces from 5 to 10 tons.

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  • Mini prensa hidraúlica PHM5
  • Mini prensa hidraúlica PHM10TG

The applications of the AGME PHM mini hydraulic presses are universal. They are used mainly in operations that require substantial force, when a pneumatic force is not powerful enough. With this desktop hydraulic presses you can perform processes like marking, punching, drawing, stamping, deforming, etc. They are designed for use not only as stand-alone presses but also integrated in automatic workstations, special machines or automated lines.

AGME has two mini hydraulic presses models: PHM-5 and PHM-10 for performing forces from 5 to 10 tons, respectively. Both models also have a version with TG butts to adjust with accuracy the stroke advance. These presses also include guards and photoelectric barriers in order to guarantee the operator safety.

In addition, each press is equipped with a hydraulic centre with adjustable pressure and a cylinder that can be adjusted to five possible different heights. All the processes (operation times, operation mode, etc) are controlled and supervised by means of an electric cabinet with a Siemens PLC and a panel with a tactile display for the operator.