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Special presses

AGME Automated Assembly Solutions can adapt all our presses (hydraulic, electric, pneumatic and manual) exactly to our customer technical specifications. Our technicians design and produce custom special presses that solve the technical production needs of the different industries and optimize their manufacturing processes.

  • special hydraulic presses agme
  • hydraulic press refrigerator
  • electric presses agme
  • special hydraulic press compressors assembly agme
  • compressor components assembly press agme
  • Customized presses

The considerable experience that AGME has gained, our tehcnicians´ high skill and our outstanding production capacity, means that AGME can design and manufacture high quality custom-made presses that are completely adapted to each process technical characteristics, industry and type of component.

These custom adaptations can be:

  • Dimensional: larger / smaller press reach and throat, front and side loading, press height and footprint
  • Structural: double bearer, four columns, additional guides, dividing plates, ...
  • Functional: integration of quality assurance systems, displays and data capture, among many others.

Furthermore, our special presses can be also integrated in our larger special machines, which we develop for the most important industries, or can be supplied to integrators that also manufacture special purpose machines.