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AGME technologies integration

  • Integración de tecnologías de prensado Agme
  • Integración de tecnologías de remachado Agme
  • Integración de tecnologías remachadoras Agme

Special machines built by us integrate AGME technologies in which we are experts and that have been completely developed at AGME Automated Assembly Solutions. Throughout our history, our devotion to meet the production requirements of our customers has driven us to innovate and develop the most demanded assembly technologies every time.

  • Riveting
  • Pressing
  • Rolling over
  • Tube end forming
  • Automation
  • Handling
  • Control and checking

Our extensive experience in developing special assembly machines, means that we are extremely competent in selecting the most adequate joining technologies and the necessary related processes for every work and component. Our technicians also integrate other technologies from our technological partners, who are also experts in their field: robotics, clinching, screwing, ultrasonic welding, lubrication, marking, labeling, laser cutting, etc.