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Commissioning in customer premises

  • Puesta a punto en casa del cliente
  • Puesta a punto en casa del cliente
  • Installation
  • Puesta a punto en casa del cliente (Montaje)

The commissioning at the clients premises is always performed by members of the technical team that have been responsible for the design, assembly and programing of the custom-made machine. It will be always done based on the agreed and accepted terms of our quotation.

Once the final assembly and installation of the project in the clients´ premises is completed, the correct performance of all the workstations will be verified using the specified number of cycles. In addition, the final quality of the processed components will be also checked.

When all these verifications are finished successfully, the clients will fill in a final acceptance document that will be signed by both parties: the client and AGME.   

After the project commissioning, this same technical team will train the clients operators in the use of the machine when it were necessary because of its complexity.