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AGME offers a wide range of riveting accessories to meet the riveting requirements of the different processes: standard and special riveting tools, tooling, fixtures, hold-down devices, pedals, multiple riveting tools heads and special radius heads, among others.

  • Buterolas
  • Carro manual utillaje
  • Carro neumático de utillaje
  • Doble buterola
  • Pisador elástico
  • Pisador mecánico
  • Portabuterolas U. Antigiro
  • Utillaje
  • Special riveting tool

AGME riveting machine can have many different accessories:

  • Double or multiple riveting tool heads with fixed or adjustable distances between centres, which enable riveting time savings.
  • Standard and special riveting tools for obtaining the appropriate geometry of the riveted head. Riveting tools with non-rotating systems.
  • Standard work holding fixtures or mounted on manual or pneumatic slides.
  • Elastic and mechanical hold-down devices that guarantee the correct position of the components to be riveted.
  • Heads with different radius for reaching difficult components.