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AGME servo presses

The modular design of AGME electric presses and their easy installation ensure more flexibility and versatility. The servo presses can be delivered as a basic PE-50 UC electrical cylinder or as an intelligent PE-50 UCC servo press with controls.

  • Servoprensa Agme
  • servo prensa cabezal agme

AGME servo press heads are ideal for use in special purpose machines offering more demanding pressing precision, control and flexibility.

- AGME PE-50 UC servo press is controlled by the automation of the machine in which it is installed. 
- AGME PE-50 UCC servo press is the intelligent head. It is delivered with an AC quality assurance system, the interface software and the standard software of the AGME stand-alone electric presses. The multichannel interface manages up to 3 cylinders with the same software.

AGME PE-50 UCC pressing modes are: stroke, load, measured distance from contact and time. Its control functions include: load control within position range, distance from contact position, contact position, final position and final load.

Both models are conceived to be integrated into special purpose machines. Optionally, these electric cylinders can also incorporate a load cell to get a load measurement accuracy of +/- 0,5%.

Other benefits of using AGME intelligent electro-mechanical press heads:
- In-process verification and monitoring
- Data acquisition and results storage in “.csv” files
- 100 working programs capacity
- Easy to use windows based software
- Clean running
- Fully electric
- Energy saving
- Safety efficient
- CE certificate

AGME servo press heads are very competitive, accurate, and efficient solutions to any assembly requirement. They have multiple applications: components joining, insertion, pressing, bending, riveting, rolling over, punching, clinching, test, control and marking of parts, among others.