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Toggle presses

As part of the AGME presses range, we also have toggle presses with manual or pneumatic operation. These press machines are the best option to generate forces from 2,5 to 30 kN.

  • Prensas de rodillera Agme
  • Prensa de rodillera

AGME manual toggle presses can have a square spindle (PMA series) or cylindrical spindle (PR series). We also manufacture pneumatic toggle presses (PRN series) that
generate high working loads with a highly accurate stroke adjustment and low energy consumption. These machines are specially conceived to perform applications where a great load with short course is needed: marking, riveting, punching, bending, cutting etc.

Optionally, the AFC end of stroke assurance system can be added to ensure that the operator has performed the operation correctly, reaching the end of the stroke. In this way, the production of incorrect parts is prevented and scrap costs reduced, contributing to an improved quality result.

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