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Automatic knives assembly machine

  • Transfer para montaje de cuchillos
  • Componentes de los cuchillos ensamblados
  • Máquina a medida para montaje de cuchillos


  • Automatic assembly of knife handles
  • 20 models of knives


  • Automatic feeding of components. Vibrators
  • Rotary transfer of 6 work stations
  • Design and manufacture of 3 sets of tools with floating punches
  • Component handling with pick and place systems
  • Pneumatic component insertion units
  • Automatic rivet insertion with presence control
  • Automata control
  • Programming and automation of processes
  • Selection of OK and NOK parts
  • Automatic evacuation


  • All Knive handle assembly processes on a single machine
  • Optimisation of production times
  • Flexible machine suitable for 20 knife models
  • Top quality guaranteed
  • Robust and compact machine that saves space in the plant