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Recliners riveting and greasing rotary transfer

  • Transfer rotativo remachado engrasado de recliners
  • Componente reclinador
  • Control de presencia
  • Remachado engrasado


  • Riveting, greasing and insertion of bushings in car seat recliners
  • Machine that requires two operators


  • Rotary transfer with 6 workstations
  • Palletized components on a rotary plate
  • Design and manufacturing of special fixtures placed on pallets
  • Parts presence detection by laser
  • Control by artificial vision
  • Riveting of 5 positions with 2 controlled axis
  • Bushings insertion by a pneumatic unit
  • Greasing with volumetric doser
  • “Num” numerical control
  • Automatic unloading of recliners with OK / NOK parts selection


  • Integration of the recliners assembly, greasing and control processes in one only machine
  • Adaptation to the client automation requirements
  • Robust and compact machine that saves room in the factory
  • Flexible machine that is valid for different models
  • Artificial vision system that optimizes the parts control process