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Ball joints and links assembly, greasing and flaring machine

  • Transfer de ensamblaje y engrasado rebordeado de control de rótulas y links
  • Montaje de links rótulas
  • Montaje de rótulas
  • Aplicaciones, montaje de rótulas


  • Assembly, rolling over and greasing of double head links, stabilizer bars


  • Rotary transfer with 12 workstations
  • Fixture controlled components on a rotary plate
  • Design and manufacturing of special fixtures
  • Automatic feeding of components
  • Control by PLC
  • Automatic rolling over of housing
  • Automatic greasing of components by utilizing dosing technology
  • Components presence, torque and air seal control
  • Automated assembly of all of components
  • Automatic unloading of stabilizer bars with reject management
  • Built-in 180º turning to allow assembly of both sides of parts


  • Integration of all stabilizer bars assembly, greasing and control processes in one single machine
  • Optimization of the assembly process that results in significant improvements in productivity
  • Assembly of both sides of the link by automatically rotating the link 180º just after completion of one side.
  • Air seal check during link assembly