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Latch assembly and greasing rotary transfer

  • Transfer dial de ensamblaje de latch
  • Latches para asiento
  • Engrasado de latch para asiento
  • Máquina especial para montaje y engrasado de latch
  • Máquina para montaje de latchs


  • Latches assembly, greasing and effort control with 2 operators
  • Valid for right hand and left hand latches


  • Dial transfer with 6 workstations
  • Design and manufacture of special tooling and fixtures
  • Components presence control by inductive sensors
  • Automatic insertion of bolts and bushings by pneumatic presses
  • Automatic greasing of bushings and claws by dosing system
  • Final assembly of parts by a hydraulic press
  • Control of the latch release and locking force
  • Control by automata
  • Quality assurance system
  • Automatic unloading of latches with OK / NOK parts selection


  • Robust and compact semi-automatic machine that saves room in the site
  • Integration of all latch assembly, greasing and control processes in one single machine
  • Optimization of the production time
  • Customized flexible solution that is valid for both hands: right and left
  • Efficient and innovative system for controlling the release and locking force after the latch assembly
  • Process control that guarantees the final quality of the assemblies