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Electric window parts assembly rotary transfer

  • Transfer rotativo montaje elevalunas eléctrico
  • Transfer rotativo para ensamblaje de elevalunas (Detalle máquina)
  • Transfer rotativo para ensamblaje de elevalunas (Detalle remachadora)
  • Transfer rotativo para ensamblaje de elevalunas (máquina especial)


  • Riveting of pins and pulleys on the electric windows rails
  • Machine valid for different models


  • Dial transfer with 4 work stations
  • Design and manufacture of special tooling and fixtures
  • Automatic feeding of greased pins and pulleys subassemblies
  • Integration of 2 controlled axles
  • Pins riveting with CNC programmable angular movements
  • Control unit and quality assurance system
  • Automated unloading of the assembled components with OK / NOK parts selection


  • When controlling the 2 axles, the vertical riveting axes can be modified to make it possible any angle
  • Process control that guarantees the final quality of the sub-assemblies
  • One single machine to perform different processes when assembling the electric windows rails
  • Compact machine that does not require much space in the site
  • Flexible machine capable of processing different models