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  • Tecnología de remachado
  • riveting machines agme

The riveting is a cold forming process for rigid or mobile joining of components, normally sheets, with the aid of a separate part that goes through and fixes them, normally called rivet. The rivet head is formed by a riveting tool, applying a force through a radial movement in the case of the radial riveting.

At AGME special machines, we integrate our own riveting technology, completely developed by ourselves. Since 1970 we manufacture Riveting machines with the AGME brand and our wide range of riveters include:

  • Pneumatic riveters
  • Hydraulic riveting machines
  • Servo riveting machines
  • Radial and orbital riveting machines

In addition, we provide: complete riveting machines, riveting heads and riveting controls. We are also experts in the manufacturing of the custom made fixtures and any dollies that are necessary.

The AGME radial riveting system is based on a planetary movement that gets a high resistance riveted head by its progressive forming with an adequate fibre   distribution that flow naturally in three directions. Any machine with riveting technology will have significantly less costs and floorspace than the equivalent direct action press due to the fact that the force required in the riveting process is approximately a 80% less than a Press completing the same operation.