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Control and test

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  • Control y ensayo

AGME Automated Assembly Solutions develops control and test solutions in autonomous independent machines or integrated into automatic assembly lines as per the clients´ technical specifications. The most usual functions the control machines we develop can perform are:

  • Parts Presence control by touching, inductive, laser or artificial vision.
  • Dimension control with and without contact.
  • Effort control by loading cells or torque transducers
  • Colour control and detection.
  • Checking of the temperature, flow, pressure, force, stroke, weight, acceleration, torque and angle.
  • Electrical checking of continuity, isolation and electromechanical.
  • Sealing and leak testing.
  • Checking at the same time of production.
  • Fatigue and durability functional testing.
  • Results traceability that can be recorded by different marking technologies.