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  • Tecnología de prensado: prensa eléctrica
  • Tecnología de prensado: abocardado de tubos
  • Tecnología de prensado: crimpado

Our special purpose machines incorporate AGME presses that are more tailored to each process, and can include bespoke components and control systems:

  • Hydraulic presses
  • Pneumatic presses
  • Servo presses

AGME processes are vertically integrated from machining to paint we minimize the use of third party vendors, this means we can guarantee a reliability and quality in the performance of our presses. Our pressing technology makes possible any metal forming work including: stamping, drawing, crimping, tube end forming, bending, gauging and many other processes such as component insertion.

Our presses are adapted to meet our customers components and production requirements. These adaptations can be dimensional, structural or functional: double columns, special throat, controls, data capture and other technical specifications. Furthermore, we also design and build special tooling when necessary.