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Ultrasonic Welding

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When treating the plastic components assembly, AGME Automated Assembly Solutions develops turnkey projects that integrate ultrasonic welding technology. This is the ideal technology for joining thermoplastics parts (ABS, polyamides, polypropylenes, etc.) using ultrasonic frequencies.

Ultrasonic welding is performed by holding together two thermoplastics parts and vibrating them using ultrasonic frequency resulting in a temperature increase due to the heat generated by the friction at the joint point. In this way, you can achieve welded applications with the highest strength, precision and repeatability, obtaining hermetic and leak proof seals.

Our ultrasonic welding partner is Weber Ultrasonics. In laboratories equipped with the latest specialized test and measure equipment, welding tests are made with the original components. The homogeneous melt flow of the welded parts, as well as the proper tensile strength and hermetic sealing of the welded parts are checked.