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Other technologies

  • Otras tecnologías propias: alimentación automática
  • Otras tecnologías propias: conformado de tubo
  • Otras tecnologías propias: troquelado de piezas

Our technicians always integrate the most appropriate technology for each industry production process as per the client´s technical requirements. We have developed many turnkey solutions with the following techniques

  • Punching
  • Tube forming
  • Die cutting
  • Material powder dosing
  • Material compacting

In order to perform with success all these processes, we integrate AGME pneumatic and hydraulic units into our special solutions when necessary, together with our extensive know-how in forming, cutting and other related technologies. AGME know-how which is derived from:

  • Our huge experience in the design and production of special purpose machines
  • The excellent qualifications of our highly skilled human team in the development of custom solutions
  • Our devotion to satisfy clients´ production needs.