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Optimization of the remote technical assistance

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AGME adapts quickly to the new demands of the industries by optimizing its remote technical assistance and its telephone service.

Based on the experience acquired throughout our history, our remote assistance service has been improved using the most advanced technologies on the market when the production process demands them and also offering more basic solutions when the complexity of operations decreases.

Our telephone technical service provides technical support for:
- achieving optimal operation of your machines.
- diagnosis and resolution of possible problems that may exist,

Proof of this has been the recent optimal remote commissioning of a tailor-made machine delivered in Russia for the assembly of automotive components.  A turnkey project for the automatic riveting of car hinges. An assembly solution whose commissioning has been carried out remotely due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

In addition to the usual telephone connection, the most used methods to connect with the machines from our facilities are:
1.- Indirect mode via TEAMVIEWER.
AGME will access the customer's laptop to provide technical service and solve possible problems that may exist in the machine. This method allows a comfortable and efficient communication with the customer. The communication with him is via chat and also through the laptop´s camera. 

2.- Direct mode or via Router.
With a specific router incorporated in the machine, a private direct access to the machine's network is generated.

These possible forms of remote communication are simple, fast and efficient. The user can choose the method that best suits his means, budget and technical specifications.

In addition AGME also offers communication and connectivity solutions between different machines in real time and specific software for data analysis.