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Upper tracks assembly line

  • Línea preensamblaje guías asientos
  • Línea preensamblaje guías asientos, detalle
  • Línea preensamblaje guías, detalle
  • Línea preensamblaje guias de asiento


  • Automatic pre-assembly of the upper track
  • Capability to assemble several track models


  • Linear transfer with 9 workstations
  • Palletized line with special tooling specific to upper track model
  • Part and model presence control
  • Automatic loading of bolts to upper tracks
  • Rastplattes automatic feeding on upper track
  • Measurement and control of material hadness
  • Riveting with intelligent process control and quality assurance
  • Automatic spring feeding and insertion
  • Spring presence control
  • Automatic and precise component lubrication by grease dosing system
  • OK parts selection and automatic unloading


  • Integration on a single machine of the most important assembly processes: assembly, greasing, riveting and quality control of the upper tracks
  • Reduced production costs through increased productivity
  • Upper tracks assembly with total quality assurance