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AGME Electric presses

  • Prensa eléctrica AGME PE50
  • Prensa eléctrica AGME PE50
  • Prensa eléctrica AGME PE50, detalle
  • Prensa eléctrica AGME PE50, panorámica

AGME Automated Assembly Solutions designs and manufactures high quality electric presses with AGME technology. These AGME PE electric presses are used to perform processes that need a constant results monitoring, more precision requirements and repeatability. AGME electric presses are fully electric and they don´t require any pneumatic or hydraulic power source.

The AGME PE-50 servo presses have ±0,01 mm position repeatability and ±5%  load measure accuracy. Optionally, they can get a +/- 0,5% accuracy if a load cell is added. Their robust frame and dynamic compensation system help to deliver high precision. The operator can choose between different working modes: stroke, load, measured distance from contact and pressing time. Each press has the capacity for 100 working programs.

All AGME PE-50 electric presses have CE certification. They work with their own automation and provide all control and monitoring functions:

  • Load control within position range,
  • Distance from contact position
  • Contact position
  • Final position
  • Final load.

The results of each pressing action are shown graphically either on HMI or screen and are stored in a data base that can be exported to a PC which guarantees total traceability.

In addition to a better quality assurance control, there are many more advantages of electro presses:

  • Safer, energy saving and cleaner
  • Silent and clean working environment, noise and oil and dust reduction
  • Less energy consumption: just 10-20% of other presses consumption
  • Cost reduction
  • Easy installation