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Radial riveting machines

AGME Automated Assembly Solutions, world leader in the manufacturing of riveting machines, produces a wide range of riveters with different capacities: from forming small rivets in fragile parts to getting large riveted heads with different shapes.

  • Remachadora Agme RR12
  • Remachadora Agme RR14 AC2
  • Remachadora Agme R12 Sistema Engrase
  • Diseño modular remachadora
  • Remachadora Agme RR16
  • Remachadora Agme RR18
  • Remachadora Agme RR20 PB
  • Remachadora Agme RR30 PB

The maximum diameter of the riveted head can vary from 4 mm (RR-4 riveter) to 30 mm (RR-30 riveter). There are many other riveting machines within the range and AGME has a riveting machine to suit most of your requirements. Both pneumatic riveting machines and hydraulic riveting machines use the radial riveting system. This working system is based on a planetary movement which produces components with perfect riveted joints with very little effort.

Their modular design provides many possibilities that result in a great versatility and efficiency, as well as an important money saving. Furthermore, our riveting tools, quality assurance systems and other optional accessories make possible the total adaptation of the riveting machines to the industries´ production requirements.

Our riveting machines are commonly used by the most important automotive components manufacturers in more than 25 countries.  This leadership in the riveting technology is supported by our extensive experience, our product R+D+I plans, high quality standards and an important international presence. Our extensive distribution network and technical partners ensures an efficient, close and quick technical service in the major international markets. 

Riveting principles: AGME riveting versus pressing

Any machine with riveting technology will have much less costs and dimensions than the necessary ones with a direct action press.

AGME riveting machine selection quick guide

AGME riveting machines are available in a variety of sizes, so the correct machine can be selected to ensure perfectly riveted components. This riveter selection guide has been developed to help you to select the most suitable riveting machine model for every process and component. For further information, please contact us.

Riveting tools selection quick guide

The riveting tool is a key part for getting the riveting highest quality. This guide makes possible a rapid selection of the most suitable riveting tool for the clients´ technical requirements. If you need assistance, please let us know.