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Riveting controls

The riveting control is performed by the standard C-300 unit. Optionally other control systems can be incorporated: from a simple constant height control system to other more sophisticated controls like the AC quality assurance systems or the axis PLC control.

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  • ac2 system
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  • Pantalla AC
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  • Sistema CAC Control altura constante

The riveting management can be done through different agile, efficient and easy to use control systems.  

C-300 standard control

It is the basic equipment of all riveting machines. Among other parameters, the riveting time can be adjusted.

CAC System (constant height control)

It controls the rivet height and guarantees its final dimension. The riveting head goes back immediately after getting the riveting height with a manual regulation system.

AC Quality assurance systems: AC1 and AC2

The AC systems control the riveting pressure and course. The return is performed from a parameter that is electronically introduced. It can differentiate OK and NOK parts, taking into account the indicated parameters.  

The AC1 quality assurance system is based on the absolute measure of the riveting head position. It measures the riveting course from the machines resting position.

The AC2 systems include a mechanical hold down device to determine the reference surface for the riveting course measure

PLC or autómata axis control

The PLC control is the standard equipment of AGME flexible riveting centers. It makes possible any number of riveting positions, just introducing the sequence of the riveting process.