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AGME servo presses

The modular design of AGME electric presses and their easy installation ensure more flexibility and versatility. The servo presses can be delivered as a basic PE-50 UC electrical cylinder or as an intelligent servo press PE-50 UCC with controls.

  • Servoprensa Agme
  • servo prensa cabezal agme

The AGME PE-50 UC servo press is controlled by the automation of the machine in which it is installed. In the case of the PE-50 UCC servo press it is delivered with an AC quality assurance system, the interface and the standard software of the AGME stand-alone electric presses. The multichannel interface manages up to 3 cylinders with the same software. Both models are conceived to be integrated into special purpose machines.

Optionally, as the PE-50 electric presses, these electric cylinders can also incorporate a load cell to get a load measurement accuracy of +/- 0,5%. They also have multiple applications: components joining, insertion, pressing, bending, riveting, rolling over, punching, clinching, test, control and marking of parts, among others.