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Seat tracks assembly line

  • Control esfuerzo rodadura
  • Ensamblaje guías asientos detalle
  • Línea de ensamblaje guías de asiento
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  • Automated assembly of seat tracks
  • Capability to assemble several track models


  • Linear transfer with 15 workstations
  • Palletized line with special fixtures
  • Poka-Yoke of pallets to ensure correct positioning of parts
  • Component presence and model control using laser sensors
  • Track lubrication by incorporated spraying system
  • Assembly of upper and lower tracks
  • Crimping and burnishing
  • Tracks liberation and slide efforts checking
  • Automatic part traceability and labelling with a robot
  • Identification and separation of OK and NOK parts


  • All seat tracks assembly processes including effort and quality checks are integrated into a single machine.
  • Automation focuses on both the repetitive and critical processes (quality tasks that require more force or precision control).
  • Production cost reduction and productivity increase by reducing the cycle times
  • Repeatability quality assembly and control with the best quality assurance systems