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Recliners riveting and bushings insertion machine

  • Transfer para inserción de tuercas tox y remachado de reclinadores
  • Componenetes para reclinador de asiento
  • Inserción de tuercas para remachado de componentes


  • Automatic assembly of seat recliners components
  • Bushings insertion
  • Riveting


  • Rotary transfer with 4 workstations
  • Tooling and fixtures design and manufacturing
  • Parts presence control by laser sensors
  • Bushings insertion by a hydro pneumatic press with process control
  • Riveting with 2 servo controlled slides and floating hold down device
  • Quality assurance system to control the process
  • NUM numerical control


  • Very efficient semi-automatic solution adapted to the Automation requirements
  • Integration of 2 different processes into one single machine: bushings insertion and riveting
  • Automation of the riveting of different positions in one only machine optimizes the production times and increases the productivity
  • Robust and compact machine that occupies little space in the factory
  • Final quality control of the riveted components