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Automatic hinge riveting and flaring machine

  • Línea de rebordeado y remachado de bisagras
  • rebordeado norton bisagras capo
  • remachado rebordeado bisagras


  • Bush flaring and hinge riveting
  • Semi automated riveting line with 3 operators


  • 2 rotary transfers, each with 4 workstations
  • Palletized components
  • Design and manufacturing of special fixtures and tooling
  • Bush flaring using hydraulic units
  • Automatic feeding of rivets
  • Automatic unloading onto conveyor belt
  • Incorporated "hold down" mechanism to ensure correct riveting
  • Full automation of the riveting process


  • Compact assembly line that minimizes floor space used
  • Integration of several assembly processes into a single line with 2 transfers
  • Assembly processes optimization that increases productivity
  • Flexible machine that can assemble multiple models
  • Automatic adjustments and bush flaring in one process