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Latch and track screwing machine

  • Máquina atornillado latch guía
  • Atornillado guía de asientos
  • Estación de atornillado


  • Automatic latch assembly into upper seat track
  • Capability to assemble several models
  • Part recognition, identification and traceability


  • Rotary transfer with 4 workstations
  • Automatic screwing with automatic feeding of screws
  • Torque and angle control
  • Part identification
  • Automatic unloading of parts
  • Special tooling designed for the manufacturing of several models


  • Seat track assembly process optimization
  • Flexible machine capable of assembling several models
  • Automation means only one operator required to load / unload
  • Productivity improvement, increased output
  • Total quality control of the screwed seat track