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Exhibition of the new AGME RA-UC riveting heads at MSV in the Czech Republic

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AGME will be exhibiting at the MSV exhibition (1-5 October – PabV-Stand17) in the Czech Republic the fourth generation of our AGME RA-UC riveting heads. The Riveting heads are designed to be integrated into customized assembly machines that are manufactured for automotive components such as hinges, seat tracks, recliners, ball joints.

On stand 17-Pab V, which we share with the Basque Trade and Investment association, visitors can view our riveting heads with a new design and many improvements including a new light spindle nose, improved lubrication and a longer working life.

Our range of standard riveting heads allows us to rivet up to 20 mm depending on the model you use. Come and discover our new RA riveting heads on the Pab V-stand 17