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Side seat tracks riveting machine

  • Ensamblaje de guías laterales de asientos
  • Ensamblake guía lateral, detalle
  • Guía lateral asiento


  • Automatic assembly of side seat tracks
  • Riveting of 15 different locations across various side seat tracks models


  • Rotary transfer with 4 workstations
  • Part handling via pallet system
  • Design and manufacturing of fixtures and tooling
  • Parts presence detection and control
  • Automation of the riveting process
  • “Num” control riveting
  • Riveting machine with rotary motorized hold down device
  • Quality Assurance System
  • Automatic unloading to a conveyor belt


  • Integration of many riveting locations into a single machine
  • Cost saving and improved productivity
  • Automation assures quality of riveted seat tracks
  • Capability to hold down the part at any point to improve assembly