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Automatic assembly line of sliders

  • Línea automática montaje corredera
  • Linea montaje automático guías correderas
  • Linea montaje automático guías correderas 2


  • Automatic assembly of sliders


  • Palletized line with special tooling
  • Parts presence control
  • Upper track greasing
  • Automatic feeding of components: ball cages, upper and low tracks
  • Automated assembly of parts
  • Automatic crimping and bending of some components
  • Processes control
  • Automated burnishing and control station
  • Parts automatically marked by multidot system
  • Automatic unloading with OK and NOK parts selection


  • Integration on a single machine of the most important processes: seat sliders assembly, greasing, quality control and burnishing
  • Reduced production costs through increased productivity
  • Seat sliders built with total quality assurance
  • Full part traceablility
  • Compact machine wiht extremely small foot pring